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    I certainly don't speak in English, I even used the translator, but it seems to me that you are very beautiful girl. kind and lovely. You can on VK throw the link?
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    I just want to make you better)I am a well-wisher...
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    I love you
    Emma: I love you too
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    Read attentive!(I`m sorry for my rudeness)Yes, you`re a cool girl, I don`t argue!But I sincerely ask!Before you start a relationship with a boyfriend, know him better!He caused a lot of suffering, many girls!!!!!!!No, it is not me...Talk to this jerk!!!!!!!!!!!!!Let him at least apologize for the insults, to the one girl!He knows!!!I'm published,Thank you for your attention!I am a well-wisher...
    Emma: I'm sorry, but what do you care about my personal life?
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    You're the best girl in the world, you are so alone ...
    Emma: thanks
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