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    thank u.... I'm sure that your English is good <33
    Darina: :**
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    How is your English now?? Hope its great, because when I come, I'll talk a little bit English with you,ok?!:* I believe that u understood who has written this!
    Darina: Oh, my dear:* I think, my answer, maybe, has mistakes, because my English.. ermm, you know:DD but I hope, I will know English well, because I want & must know it. Your English is perfect:**
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    Darina: :*
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    милая, рисуешь отлично
    Darina: спасибо, приятно
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    Не забуду :*
    Darina: я тебя никогда никогда:*
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    DarinaDarina??? Мисс Оригинальность :DD.*rsps*
    Darina: Дада:DD заняты другие были :* не забывай rsps
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