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    Did I ever tell you, the definition of insanity is... of insanity is... doing the exact, same fucking thing, over and over again, expecting... shit to change! That is crazy! But the first time, somebody told me that! I don't know, I thought they were bullshiting me, so boom, I shot em! The thing is, they were right! And then I started to see everyone looked, everyone looked, all these fucking pricks, everyone looked, doing the exact, same fucking thing, over and over and over again! Thinking this time... its gonna be different! No No No No No, please! This time, its gonna be different, I'm sorry, I don't like the way, YOU RE LOOKING AT ME! Okay? You have a fucking problem in your head?! Do you think I'm bullshiting you? Do you think I'm lieing, fuck you! FUCK..... YOU....!. It's okay, I'm gonna kill you!
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    ty lushaya jnm=***
    Nika: spasibo)
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    Nikaaaa :)
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    а вы хорошо смотритесь с Тимочкой)))
    Nika: spasibo)))
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    jnm moya..........
    Nika: )
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    uiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii lublu
    Nika: :))))))))))))
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